About Us

We are a young Start-Up specializing in the next generation technologies.
We make use of these technologies to simplify and magnify marketing campaigns

Augmented Reality

Make your print, outdoor and any other communication come to life with DigiLens Augmented Reality Solutions. Showcase your Videos and 3D Models, collect leads, sell your products, push discounts by simply integrating with DigiLens

Visual Shiksha

An image recognition based augmented reality application to make education fun, interactive and self understandable. We help students understand the core concepts through 3D Simulations mapped to their textbooks.


Augmented Reality based apparels where magic happens on merchandise.

What We Do

Any innovations you can think of
We put together the entire technology piece to successfully execute your campaigns and bring a WOW factor.

  • Image Recognition & Augmented Reality

    With the marriage of these technologies there are endless possibilities that you can create.

    Industries: Automobile, FMCG, Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate, Education, Museums, Pharma, Retail

  • Virtual Reality

    Move a step ahead of videos. Get your clients hooked on and let them experience your product or service with VR

    Industries: Automobile, Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate, Museums, Healthcare

  • Interactive Engagement

    What if you could add life to your print communication. With the use of integrated circuitry we can make any print ad interactive.

    Industries: Automobile, Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate, Museums

  • Video Brochures

    Your products deserve much more than a brochure. To increase the shelf life of your brochures, we decided to put an LCD screen right inside the brochure.

    Industries: Automobile, Jewellery, F&B, Real Estate, Education

  • Holo Displays

    Convert your showroom façade into a canvas to project your products. We can do a projection of your products on your showroom façade.

    Industries: Automobile, Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate, Showrooms, Museums, Theatres

  • Virtual Mannequins

    Why place static banners / standees when you actually have a virtual presenter standing there and interacting with your prospective customers.

    Industries: FMCG, Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate, Education, Museums, Retail, Sports

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