Alternating Current Class 12 One Shot | Full Chapter Revision | CBSE 12th Board 2020 | Gaurav Sir

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In today’s session, Master Teacher Gaurav Gupta sir takes you through the important topics of Alternating Current Class 12 One-Shot, as it is one of the most important and scoring topics in the Subject Physics for NEET Exam Preparation and CBSE 12th Board exam.

Gaurav sir enlightens you with the class 12 exam and neet preparation strategy and how to revise crucial topics like the Alternating Current Class 12 Physics Chapter 7 quickly and effectively.

Key Areas of this Session : –
1)Alternating Current
2)Magnetic flux
3)Faraday’s law
4)Lenz’s law
5)Eddy current
6)Hysteresis loss
7)AC circuits
12)AC generator
13)Power factor
14)Apparent power
15)Real Power
16)Reactive power
18)Q- factor
19)L-C oscillations

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This session will mainly be around the Alternating Current Class 12 One-Shot. In today’s class, Gaurav Sir will revise the Alternating Current Class 12 Physics Chapter 7. Watch the full video on the Alternating Current Class 12 in One Shot and get a clear edge on this topic which is boost up your preparation for the neet preparation 2020 exam.

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