Chapter 13 Sound Science CBSE NCERT Class 8

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Chapter 13 – Sound: CBSE (NCERT) Class 8 (VIII) Science

This is the video of the thirteenth chapter (Chapter 13) of Class 8 Science – Sound

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Sound is an integral part of lives. Sounds help us to communicate. Be it your voice or the horn of a car, a sound signifies something even though in many cases it might be unnecessary such as the sound produced by a drill. Hence, it is important to learn about sound and this video by Tutor Mate does exactly that!

Various topics covered in this full video for sound are Vibration produced sound, plucking the rubber band experiment, striking pan experiment, musical instruments, sounds produced by humans, medium for propagation of sound, loudness, vacuum, role of ears in hearing the sound, oscillation, amplitude, time period and frequency of vibration, shrillness or pitch, audible sounds, inaudible sounds, human ear range, noise, music, musical sound, noise pollution and ways to limit noise pollution.

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