Chemical Reactions and Equations | CBSE Class 10 Science | Chemistry

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Chemical Reactions and Equations | CBSE Class 10 Science | Chemistry
Here in this video, we are going to learn the topic as Chemical Reactions, Atoms, compounds, substance, elements, types of reactions, Combination Reaction, Exothermic Reactions and Endothermic Reaction from class 10 science.

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Chemical Reaction:
Whenever a chemical change occurs, we can say that a chemical reaction (permanent change) has taken place which can be expressed symbolically by a chemical equation.
e.g. Food gets digested in our body
Rusting of iron.

We can observe or recognize a chemical reaction by observing change in state, color, by the evolution of gas or by change in temperature.
The physical state of the reactants and the products are mentioned to make a chemical reaction more informative. e.g. we use (g) for gas, (l) for liquid, (s) for solid and (aq) for aqueous.
Balanced Equation: A balanced equation is one in which the number of atoms on the reactant and product sides is equal.

Balancing Equation: We balance a chemical equation so that no. of atoms of each element involved in the reaction remains the same as the reactant and product side.

Types of Reaction

Combination Reaction: – The reaction in which two or more substances combine to form a new single substance.

Exothermic Reactions: Reaction in which heat is released along with the formation of products.

Endothermic Reaction: The reactions which require energy in the form of heat, light or electricity are called an endothermic reaction.

All the above-mentioned topics are described in an interactive and efficient manner so that the students could easily understand them.

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