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Chapter 1 – Integers


Exercise 1.1 – Questions 2 to 7


00:00 Intro

00:08 In a quiz, positive marks are given for correct answers and negative marks are given
for incorrect answers. If Jack’s scores in five successive rounds were 25, – 5, – 10,
15 and 10, what was his total at the end?

03:22 At Srinagar temperature was – 5°C on Monday and then it dropped
by 2°C on Tuesday. What was the temperature of Srinagar on Tuesday?
On Wednesday, it rose by 4°C. What was the temperature on this

08:14 A plane is flying at the height of 5000 m above the sea level. At a
particular point, it is exactly above a submarine floating 1200 m below
the sea level. What is the vertical distance between them?

12:19 Mohan deposits ` 2,000 in his bank account and withdraws ` 1,642
from it, the next day. If withdrawal of amount from the account is
represented by a negative integer, then how will you represent the amount
deposited? Find the balance in Mohan’s account after the withdrawal.

17:25 Rita goes 20 km towards east from a point A to the point B. From B,
she moves 30 km towards west along the same road. If the distance
towards east is represented by a positive integer then, how will you
represent the distance travelled towards west? By which integer will
you represent her final position from A?

22:22 In a magic square each row, column and diagonal have the same sum. Check which
of the following is a magic square.

36:32 Outro

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