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Rashmi Ma’am will be discussing important information on the “Term 2 Exam” for Class 9 & 10. Rashmi Ma’am will help you to understand the subject and give the preparation strategy for Social Science, resulting in fast-forwarding your preparation for the CBSE Term 1 Exam.

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Unacademy Class 9 and 10 is a free YouTube channel that aims at paving a strong foundation of English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Maths for students aspiring for the JEE & NEET entrance examination. Unacademy believes that a stronghold on subjects like English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology can only be accomplished with a greater level of emphasis in class 9 and class 10. This will not only help in major engineering and medical competitive exams but also in Govt. and public sector jobs such as SSC, Bank PO, etc.

At Unacademy Class 9 and 10, we not only teach but also guide the young minds in the correct direction for their future. We try to answer most of the questions of students such as which stream to choose after Class 10, how to stay motivated, how to make a study timetable, how to prepare for examinations, etc. Unacademy platform has the Best Educators from all over the country, who take live classes every day.

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