Climate Full Chapter Class 9 | CBSE Class 9 Geography Chapter 4

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Climate Full Chapter Class 9 | CBSE Class 9 Geography Chapter 4 is explained in this video.

For students asking about “Climate Full Chapter”, Magnet Brains presents to you the What and how of “Climate Full Chapter Class 9”. As the new session will eventually be announced so you should definitely know about “CBSE Class 9 Geography Chapter 4”.

00:00 Climate Indtroduction
11:13 Climate v/s Weather
22:04 India’s Climate: Monsoon Type of Climate
40:54 Climate Controls: Latitude
01:00:35 Climate Controls: Pressure and Wind
01:18:37 Climate Controls: Distance form the sea
01:27:13 Climate Controls: Ocean Currents
01:38:35 Movement of Ocean Current
01:43:27 Climate Controls: Ocean Currents
01:45:36 Climate Controls: Relief
01:54:12 Facotrs Affecting India’s Climate: Latitude
02:02:35 Factors Affecting India’s Climate: Altitude
02:08:26 Factors Affecting India’s Climate: Pressure and Surface Winds
02:29:38 Factor Affecting India’s Climate: Upper Air Circulation
02:41:12 Western Cyclonic Disturbances and Tropical Cyclones
02:57:10 The Indian Mansoon
03:47:04 ENSO [EI Nino Southern Oscillations]
04:08:36 The Onset of The Mansoon and Withdrawal
04:24:01 The Seasons
04:28:49 The Cold Weather Season (Winter)
04:38:50 The Hot Weather Season (Summer)
04:52:39 Advancing Monsoon [The Rainy Season]
05:03:42 Retreating/Post Monsoons [The Transition Season]
05:12:14 Distribution of Rainfall
05:20:18 Monsoon as a Unifying Bond
05:28:40 Chapter Complete
05:29:10 NCERT Map Skills Solutions
05:35:47 NCERT Map Skills Solutions Complete

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