Coal And Petroleum CBSE Class 8

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Coal and Petroleum: CBSE (NCERT) Class 8 (VIII) Science

This is the video of the fifth chapter (Chapter 5) of Class 8 Science – Coal and Petroleum

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Over the years humanity has relied on the fossil fuels, that is coal and petroleum, for their energy needs. These two sources of power have powered our factories, homes, hospitals, vehicles, etc. for about a million years now. However, we are soon running out of them and facing pollution as well due to their excessive use. Hence, it becomes imperative to find alternate sources of energy.

The full video from Tutor Mate covers Coal Gas, Coal Tar, Coke, Carbonisation, Fossil Fuel, Natural Gas, CNG Petroleum, Petroleum Refiner, Combustion and Flame, Inexhaustible Natural Resources, Exhaustible Natural Resources, Environment Conservation, Sources of energy, Biomass, Hydel power, Geothermal energy, Wind energy, Solar energy, Petroleum, Petroleum Refinery.

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