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Coal and Petroleum Class 8 Science | Petroleum | Natural Gases | Class 8 Science Chapter 5 | cng |
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Dear Students, in this video we are going to study a very important topic – Petroleum and Natural gases of chapter 5 Coal and Petroleum CBSE Class 8 Science. Hope you find it helpful & interesting. Enjoy Learning!

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You know that petrol is used as a fuel in light automobiles such as motorcycles/scooters and cars. Heavy motor vehicles like trucks and tractors run on diesel. Petrol and diesel are obtained from a natural resource called petroleum. The word petroleum is derived from petra(rock) and oleum (oil) as it is mined from between the rocks under Earth.

Extraction of Oil
Oil Wells and Reservoirs
An oil well is used to bring the oil or other hydrocarbons to the surface. It is a long hole created into the earth.
An oil reservoir is an underground lake of oil composed of hydrocarbons.

Extraction of Oils
The extraction of oil is the process by which usable oil is extracted from the earth’s surface location.

Oil Refining or Fractional Distillation
Oil refining or fractional distillation is the process of separating liquids with different boiling points at different temperatures using fractional columns.

Natural Gas
Natural gas is a colorless, odorless fossil fuel, which is transported through pipes from one place to another.

CNG and Its Advantages
Natural gas stored under high pressure is known as CNG.

Advantages of CNG are:
It’s a Cleaner fuel
It’s less polluting
It can be used directly for burning.

All the above-mentioned topics are described in an interactive and efficient manner so that the students could easily understand them.

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