CBSE – 10th Standard Science

Class 10 Question Bank Chapter 7 – Control and Coordination

Qus 1. What are the functions of the nervous system?

Ans. Control and coordination are the functions of the nervous system and hormones in our bodies.

Qus 2. What is nervous tissue made up of?

Ans. Nervous tissue is made up of an organized network of nerve cells or neurons, and is specialized for conducting information via electrical impulses from one part of the body to another.

Qus 3. From where does nervous system gets information of our body?

Ans. The nervous system gets information from our sense organs and acts through our muscles

Qus 4. Explain the term ‘Thinking’?

Ans. Thinking is a complex activity, so it is bound to involve a complicated interaction of many nerve impulses from many neurons.

Qus 5. What do you mean by Reflex arc?

Ans. The process of detecting the signal and responding to it by an output action which might be completed quickly is called a reflex arc.

Qus 6. What is Spinal cord?

Ans. Spinal cord is made up of nerves which supply information to think about.

Qus 7. What are three major parts of the brain?

Ans. The brain has three such major parts or regions, namely the fore-brain, mid-brain and hind brain.

Qus 8. What is the main thinking part of the brain?

Ans. The fore-brain is the main thinking part of the brain.

Qus 9. How do animal muscles move?

Ans. When a nerve impulse reaches the muscle, the muscle fibre must move.

Qus 10. Which part of the plant help in the growth of the stem?

Ans. Auxins, help in the growth of the stem.

Qus 11. What is Adrenaline?

Ans. When chemical signals are are sent to all cells of the body and provide wide-ranging

Changes in many animals, including human beings, this hormone is called adrenaline.


Q.1. What is the difference between a reflex action and walking?

  1. 2. What happens at the synapse between two neurons?
  1. 3. Which part of the brain maintains posture and equilibrium of the body?
  1. 4. How do we detect the smell of an agarbatti (incense stick)?
  1. 5. What is the role of the brain in reflex action?

Give an example of a plant hormone that promotes growth.

  1. 6. How do auxins promote the growth of a tendril around a support?