CBSE – 8th Standard Science

CBSE - 8th Standard Science

Question Bank – Chapter 1 – Crop Production & Management




Qus 1.What necessary steps should be taken provide food for a large population?

Ans. In order to provide food for a large population regular production, proper management and distribution of food is necessary.


Qus 2. What is a crop?

Ans. When plants of the same kind are grown and cultivated at one place on a large scale, it is called a crop.


Qus 3. Explain the meaning of Crop of wheat?

Ans. Crop of wheat means that all the plants grown in a field are that of wheat.


Qus 4. Give some examples of crops?

Ans. Some examples of crops are cereals, vegetables and fruits.


Qus 5. What is Kharif crops?

Ans. The crops which are sown in the rainy season are called kharif crops.


Qus. 6. What is Rabi crops?

Ans. The crops grown in the winter season are called Rabi crops.


Qus 7. Give some examples of rabi crops?

Ans. Some examples of rabi, crops are wheat, gram, pea, mustard and  linseed.


Qus 8. Why can paddy not be grown in the winter season?

Ans. Paddy requires a lot of water. Therefore, it is grown only in the rainy season.


Qus 9. Mention some  agricultural practices?

Ans. (i) Preparation of soil (ii) Sowing (iii) Adding manure and fertilizers (iv) Irrigation (v) Protecting from weeds (vi) Harvesting (vii) Storage


Qus 10. What is the first step for growing a crop?

Ans. The preparation of soil is the first step before growing a crop.


Qus 11. What is the most important task in agriculture?

Ans. The most important tasks in agriculture is to turn the soil and loosen it.


Qus 12. Why does the loosening of soil allow the roots to breathe easily?

Ans. The loosened soil helps in the growth of earthworms and microbes present in the soil.


Qus 13. What is known as Tilling?

Ans. The process of loosening and turning of the soil is called tilling/


Qus 14. What is the most important part of crop production?

Ans. Sowing is the most important part of crop production.


Qus 15. What is Manure?

Ans. The substances which are added to the soil in the form of nutrients for the healthy growth of plants are called manure.


Qus 16. Give some examples of fertilizers?

Ans. Some examples of fertilisers are urea, ammonium sulphate, super phosphate and potash.


Qus 17. What is the main advantage of Manure?

Ans. Manure improves the texture of the soil.


Qus 18. Explain the term ‘Irrigation’?

Ans. The supply of water to crops at different intervals is called irrigation.


Qus 19.  What is the best system for watering fruit plants?

Ans. Drip system is the best system for watering fruit plants.


Qus 20. What are Weeds?

Ans. The undesirable plants grow naturally along with the crops are called Weeds.


Qus 21. What do you mean by Harvesting?

Ans. The cutting of crop after it is mature is called harvesting.


Qus 22. What is Threshing?

Ans. In the harvested crop, the grain seeds need to be separated from the chaff. This process is called threshing


1.Fill in the blanks :-


  1. Better varieties of crops can be developed by plant ______.
  2. ______ means producing offsprings under controlled conditions.
  3. ______ is a technique used for developing new crop varieties by cross breeding.
  4. In the breeding experiments anthers of plants are removed by process called ______ .
  5. ______ farming technique of crop cultivation employs biological methods.

  6. How does transplantation of onion seedlings increases its production?

  7. Define nitrogen fixation and its importance?

  8. Why is it good to wash food grains before use?

  9. Why are manures better than fertilizers?