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In today’s video, Learn Digestive System in Human Being from Life Processes Chapter (CBSE Class 10 Science chapter 6) Biology. Let’s watch this amazing topic for your effective Board Exam – Biology Preparation with proper explanation by your favorite teacher. In this session, you will find Tips, Tricks, and Strategies in detail to score full marks in class 10 biology. So, Don’t Miss It!!

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Topics covered in this video :
0:10 – Digestive System in Human Beings
7:43 – Peristaltic Movement
10:58 – Sphincter
12:54 – Glands of Digestive System Nutrition in Human Beings (Digestive System in Human Body)

Basic organs of the human digestive system are:
1. Mouth (Buccal cavity)
2. Oesophagus (Food pipe)
3. Diaphragm (Sheet)
4. Stomach (J shaped)
5. Small intestine
6. Large intestine
7. Rectum
8. Anus

– Alimentary canal/Gut is the entire path of food from the mouth to anus.
– The small intestine is longer than the large intestine but still, it is called as it is thinner.
– Peristaltic movement: When the slightly digested food enters the food pipe, the walls of the food pipe start contraction and expansion movements to move the food along the gut. This movement of the walls of the food pipe is called the peristaltic movement.
– Sphincters: These are circular muscular structures that control the movement of the substance through them. Normally, they remain closed. When movement is required, they open.

There are many sphincters in the gut. Glands of the human digestive system are:
1. Salivary glands,
2. Liver,
3. Pancreas.

– Salivary glands in our mouth produce saliva which contains an enzyme called salivary amylase which digests the starch present in the food into sugar.
– The pancreas lies behind the lower portion of the stomach. It secretes pancreatic juice which contains many digestive enzymes.
– The liver secretes a greenish-yellow liquid called bile. Bile is temporarily stored in the gallbladder before it is sent to the small intestine through the bile duct.

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