Diversity in Living Organisms Full Chapter Class 9 Biology | CBSE Class 9 Biology

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Diversity in Living Organisms Full Chapter Class 9 Biology | CBSE Class 9 Biology is explained in this video.

For students asking about “Diversity in Living Organisms Full Chapter “, Magnet Brains presents to you the What and how of “Diversity in Living Organisms Full Chapter Class 9 Biology”. As the new session will eventually be announced so you should definitely know about “CBSE Class 9 Biology”.

00:34 Diversity mean
05:21 Biodiversity defination
15:53 Classification of living organism
23:06 Relation Between Classification and Evolution
32:05 Taxonomy definition
35:05 Binomial Nomenclature
50:52 The Hierarchy of Classification – Groups
51:47 What is the hierarchy for classification of living organism
1:01:42 Classification of Kingdom: Monera
1:07:31 Types of Monera
01:13:36 Classification of Kingdom: Protista
01:23:54 Kingdom: Fungi
01:39:46 Kingdom: Plantae
01:44:52 Classfication of Plantae
01:52:51 Divison of Plantae: Thallophyta
02:00:39 Divison of Plantae: Bryophyta
02:10:11 Divison of Plantae: Pteridophyta
02:16:20 Difference Between Cryptogams and Phanerogams
02:19:00 Classification of Plants: Gymnosperm
02:29:55 Classification of Plants: Angiosperms
02:47:36 Kingdom: Characterstics of Animalia
02:51:34 Phylum: Characteristics of Porifera
03:04:22 Phylum: Characteristics of Ceolenterata (Cnidaria)
03:14:44 Phylum: Characteristics of Platyhelminthes
03:25:08 Phylum: Characteristics of Nematoda
03:34:34 Phylum: Characteristics of Annelida
03:45:44 Phylum: Characteristics of Arthropoda
03:55:08 Phylum: Characteristics of Mollusca
04:05:00 Phylum: Characteristics of Echinodermata
04:18:58 Phylum: Characteristics of Chordata
04:30:41 Sub-Phylum: Characteristics of Protochordata
04:37:57 Sub-Phylum: Characteristics of Vertebrata
04:50:31 Class of Vertebrata: Cyclostomata
05:01:42 Class of Vertebrata: Pisces
05:18:17 Class of Vertebrata: Amphibia
05:29:11 Class of Vertebrata: Reptilia
05:42:22 Class of Vertebrata: Aves
05:58:24 Class of Vertebrata: Mammalia
06:15:18 Congratulation Chapter is Complete

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