Green House Effect | CBSE Class 8 Science

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Green House Effect | CBSE Class 8 Science

Hello students, here in this video we are going to study a very important and interesting topic as the greenhouse effect from class 8 science.

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Greenhouse Effect :
You know that the sun’s rays warm the earth’s surface. A part of the radiation that falls on the earth is absorbed by it and a part is reflected back into space.
A part of the reflected radiation is trapped by the atmosphere.
The trapped radiations further warm the earth.
If you have seen a greenhouse in a nursery or elsewhere, recall that the sun’s heat is allowed to get in but is not allowed to go out.
The trapped heat warms the greenhouse. The trapping of radiations by the earth’s atmosphere is similar.
That is why it is called the greenhouse effect. Without this process, life would not have been possible on earth. But now it threatens life. CO2 is one of the gases responsible for this effect.
You know that CO2 is one of the components of air. You have also studied the role of carbon dioxide in plants. But if there is an excess of CO2 in the air, it acts as a pollutant.

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