Heron's Formula | CBSE Class 9 | Maths | Chapter 12

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Heron’s Formula | CBSE Class 9 | Maths | Chapter 12

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Hello students, here in this video we are going to study a very important topic as, Heron’s Formula from CBSE class 9 maths chapter 12.

Students, we have learned to find the area of the triangles using a simple formula,
that is,
A = 1/2 x base x height

where the base and height of the triangle is known to us.

But in Heron’s formula, we will use the length of all three sides of the triangle to calculate its area. Now let us see how it is possible.

Heron’s formula also referred to as Hero’s formula is named in honor of Hero of Alexandria who was a popular Greek mathematician.
This formula is used to find out the area of a triangle when the length of three sides a, b, c, are given or known. What’s different about this formula is that there is no need to find other distances in a triangle early on in comparison to what the other formulas state.
Heron’s formula is quite useful in cases where it is not possible to find the height of the triangle easily.

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