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Human Eye | CBSE Class 8 VIII | Video Lectures in Hindi

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This Video is of Class 8th Science Chapter Light.

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What is inside Our Eyes?
We see things only when light coming from them enters our eyes. Eye is one of our most important sense organs. It is, therefore, important to understand its structure and working. The eye has a roughly spherical shape. Outer coat of the eye is white. It is tough so that it can protect the interior of the eye from accidents. Its transparent front part is called cornea. Behind the cornea, we find a dark muscular structure called iris. In the iris, there is a small opening called the pupil. The size of the pupil is controlled by the iris. The iris is the part of that eye which gives it its distinctive colour. When we say that a person has green eyes, we refer actually to the colour of the iris. The iris controls the amount of light entering into the eye. The lens focuses light on the back of the eye, on a layer called retina.

Retina contains several nerve cells. Sensations felt by the nerve cells are then transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve.
There are two kinds of cells
(i) cones, which are sensitive to bright
light and
(ii) rods, which are sensitive to dim light.
Besides, cones sense colour. At the junction of the optic nerve and the retina, there are no sensory cells, so no vision is possible at that spot. This is called the blind spot.

Care of Eyes :
It is necessary that you take proper care of your eyes. If there is any problem you should go to an eye specialist. Have a regular checkup.
If advised, use suitable spectacles.
Too little or too much light is bad for eyes. Insufficient light causes eyestrain and headaches. Too much light, like that of the sun, a powerful lamp or a laser torch can injure the retina.
Do not look at the sun or a powerful light directly.
Never rub your eyes. If particles of dust go into your eyes, wash your eyes with clean water. If there is no improvement go to a doctor.
Wash your eyes frequently with clean water.
Always read at the normal distance for vision. Do not read by bringing your book too close to your eyes or keeping it too far.

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