Human Health and Disease | Why Do We Fall Ill | CBSE Class 9 Science | Biology

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Human Health and Disease | Why Do We Fall Ill | CBSE Class 9 Science | Biology

Hello students, in this video we are going to study a very interesting and important topic related to our health as, Human health and diseases, the difference between bad health and disease form chapter 13 named Why do we fall ill of CBSE Class 9 Science.

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The human body can be compared to a car. Both have different parts and some problems or others keep erupting. The human body is a complex machine.

Difference between bad health & disease
It’s can be differentiating as,
a) Bad Health – Not feeling well
b) Disease – Disease

Let’s understand the disease.

Anything which interferes with the normal functioning of the body and impairs health is called disease.

Disease means disturbing ease.
It can be derived parts as,
a) Look of disease
b) Cause of disease
c) Types of disease
d) Treatment
e) Prevention

Look of disease

Symptoms are problems like fever, headache, loose motion, cough, etc. which indicate that the person is suffering from some disease.

Signs of disease are what physicians will look for on the basis of the symptoms.

Cause of disease
1. External Cause
a. bacteria
b. virus
c. fungi
d. protozoan
e. worms

2. Internal cause
a. Lack of exercise: high blood pressure
b. overeating: obesity
c. malnutrition
d. genetic: parents – child
e. since birth. ex – blindness
f. failure of some organs
like kidney, heart, eyes

Different levels of the cause of disease

1. Loose motion
2. Virus
3. Dirty water
4. Poverty

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