Irrigation – Crop Production and Management : CBSE Class 8 Science

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This video is on Irrigation of Chapter Crop Production and Management of Class 8 CBSE Science

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Topics Covered:

Irrigation – It’s not a good idea to depend on rain for water as it is not fully reliable. A proper irrigation system will ensure timely and adequate water to crops. This will lead to more yield.

Wells: Dug Wells & Tube Wells

Dug Wells – Makes underground water available for irrigation.

Tube Wells – Makes very deep underground water available for irrigation. The motor pump is used to lift water.

Canals – Man-made water channels originating from rivers or water-reservoirs. They are specifically made to take water to various agricultural plots.

River Lift System – Water is directly taken from rivers through pumps. Useful for irrigation are areas close to the river.

Tanks – Store rain-water.

Rain Water Harvesting – Rainwater harvesting is an accumulation of rainwater in tanks for later use. This also prevents soil erosion.

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