Metals and Non-Metals Class 10 Full Chapter | Class 10 CBSE Chemistry

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Metals and Non-Metals Class 10 Full Chapter | Class 10 CBSE Chemistry is explained in this video.

For students asking about “Metals and Non-Metals Class 10”, Magnet Brains presents to you the What and how of “Metals and Non-Metals Class 10 Full Chapter”. As the new session will eventually be announced so you should definitely know about “Class 10 CBSE Chemistry”.

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0:00 Introduction
14:23 Metals
40:36 Difference Between Metals & Non-Metals
1:09:45 Chemical Properties of Metals
1:42:38 Aqua – Regia (Latin for ‘Royal Water’)
2:02:26 Chemical Properties of Non-Metals
2:23:08 Reaction Between Metals and Non-Metals Ionic Bond Formation
2:51:31 Occurance of Metals
3:28:25 Extraction of Metals (Metallurgy)
3:44:37 Concentration of Ores
3:58:23 Froth Flotation Process
4:43:57 Conversion of Ores into Metal Oxide
5:24:18 Extraction of Metals of Low Reactivity
5:28:59 Extraction of Metals of Moderate Reactivity
6:17:31 Extraction of Metals of High Reactivity (Electrolytic)
6:51:16 Refining of Metals
7:02:47 Distillation
7:11:21 Zone Refining
7:21:18 Electrolytic Refining
8:02:54 Alloy
8:20:18 Some Important Alloys

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