Microorganism – Microorganism friend and foe (Chapter 2): CBSE Class 8 Science

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Microorganism – Microorganism friend and foe (Chapter 2): CBSE Class 8 Science

Here we describe the topic of microorganism in chapter Microorganism friend and foe from CBSE class 8 science.

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What is microorganism?

An organism which cannot be seen by naked eyes is called microorganism or microbe.
We need a microscope to see a microbe.
The study of microorganisms is known as microbiology.

Most organisms are hardy and can be found in almost any kind of environment – hot desert, polar ice caps, salt water, and marshlands and inside other organisms.

Microorganisms are classified into five major groups mainly bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and some algae.
Some of the microorganisms are unicellular like bacteria, while some have well developed, multi-cellular body like molds.

They can survive under different types of climatic environment, ranging from ice cold climate to hot summers and deserts to marshy, muddy lands.

They are also found inside the bodies of animals including humans, air, water, soil, food, and other things.

All the above-mentioned topics are described in an interactive and efficient manner so that the students could easily understand them.

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