Motion | Motion in a Straight Line | CBSE Class 9 Science | Chapter 7

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Motion | Motion in a Straight Line | CBSE Class 9 Science | Chapter 7

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Here we describe the topic as, motion, motion in the straight line, position, and direction in reference with motion.

In this chapter first, we have to learn Motion.

What is Motion?

In our daily life, we see lots of things moving around for example car passing through from one place to other, person riding on a bicycle and many more like this.

Both the motion and rest are relative terms for example mobile kept on the table is resting at its position but it is moving in the sense as the earth is rotating on its axis.
So, for a person seeing mobile from the earth, it is at rest and for the person on the moon, the earth seems to change its position with time and so mobile is moving.

We can define the term Motion as,
Movement of any object from one position to another position with respect to the observer is called Motion.

The simplest type of motion is the motion along a straight line.

Motion in Straight Line

When an object moves in a straight line with respect to the observe then the motion is called straight-line motion. For example, the motion of the lift.

Two different quantities Distance and Displacement are used to describe the overall motion of an object and to locate its final position with reference to its initial position at a given time.

Let’s know how the position is important in motion.

The motion of any object is defined by its position with respect to the observer.

The position is the location of the object. If an object changes its position with the passage of time, it is said to be in motion.
The position represents the location of an object.
Some Points related to the position.

1). The reference point is the point from where distance is being measured.
2). The sense of direction.

Reference Point

It is the point from which the location of the object is measured. It is often called as the origin.
Any object can be located only with the help of a reference point and its direction.

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