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Dr. Manishika Jain explains NCERT Class 8 Science Chapter 8: Cell Structure and Functions



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Difference between plant cell and animal cell?
What is cell wall and cell membrane
Prokaryotes and eukaryotes

Shape – amoeba -These are called pseudopodia – appear and disappear as amoeba moves and feeds
WBC in humans can change shape similar to amoeba (it is full fledged organism)
RBC – spherical
Muscle cells – spindle in shape
Nerve cell – long and branched (control and coordinate)
Components of the cell are enclosed in a membrane. Membrane provides shape.
Cell wall is additional covering giving shape and rigidity
Size of Cell: The smallest cell is 0.1 to 0.5 micrometer in bacteria. The largest cell measuring 170 mm ×130 mm, is the egg of an ostrich. A white material surrounds the yellow part. White material is albumin which solidifies on boiling. The yellow part is yolk. It is part of the single cell.
Size of cell has no relation to size of body. Nerve cells, both in the elephant and rat, are long and branched. They perform the same function, that of transferring messages.

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Trillion of Cell @0:08
Unicellular @0:25
Multicellular @0:41
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Cell @0:56
After 150 Years @1:51
EGG of Albumen 27 @3
Unicellular Organism @3:39
RBC @4:31
Muscle Cell @4:37
Nerve Cell @4:40
WBC @5:03
Size of Cell @6:25
Human Cheek Cell @7:45
Cell Wall in Plant Cell @8:15
Prokaryote @10:01
Eukaryote @10:07
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