p block elements Class 12 | Group 15 | NCERT Chapter 7| CBSE NEET JEE

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0:00 Introduction
00:47 P block elements
3:16 P block elements properties
6:56 Periodic Table trends
8:11 Group 15 elements
11:00 Nitrogen Family: Occurrence
12:44 Nitrogen Family : Electronic Configuration
14:24 Nitrogen Family : Density
15:42 Nitrogen Family: Atomic & Ionic Radii
20:01 Nitrogen Family Trends : Ionization Enthalpy
25:02 Nitrogen Family: Electronegativity
27:58 Nitrogen Family: Metallic Character
29:02 Nitrogen Family: Oxidation States
33:34 Nitrogen Family : Covalency
35:35 Anomalous Properties of Nitrogen
38:44 Nitrogen Family : Chemical Properties
39:08 Nitrogen Family: Reaction with Hydrogen
44:19 Nitrogen Family: Reaction with Oxygen
46:17 Nitrogen Family: Reaction with Halogen
49:46 Nitrogen Family: Reaction with Other Metals
51:35 Nitrogen Family: Important Compounds
52:23 Dinitrogen: Preparation
58:41 Dinitrogen : Properties
1:00:47 Dinitrogen : Uses
1:02:57 Ammonia : Uses
1:04:26 Ammonia :Preparation
1:07:08 Ammonia : Properties
1:12:37 Nitric Acid
1:13:21 Nitric Acid : Preparation
1:15:56 Nitric Acid : Properties
1:19:43 Nitric Acid : Uses

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