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Introduction to Tissues

Tissues are a group of cells that combine together to perform a particular function.
In simple terms, tissue can be defined as a group of cells with similar shape and function are termed as tissues. They form a cellular organizational level, intermediate between the cells and organ system. Organs are then created by combining the functional groups of tissues.

Plant tissues
Plant tissues are of various types and they are made up of similar types of cells. They are different from animal tissues since there are several differences between animal and plant cells.

Animal tissues
Animal tissues are made up of animal cells. These tissues are usually not rigid since the cells do not have cell walls.

Meristematic tissues
Meristematic tissues are seen in plants. They are primarily made up of rapidly dividing cells. They are the growing tissues of the plant.

Permanent tissues
Permanent tissues arise from the meristematic tissue and have structural and functional properties. Permanent tissue can be made up of either living or dead cells.

Simple permanent tissues
These are tissues, that are made up of only one type of cell. They usually have structural roles.

Complex permanent tissues
Complex permanent tissues are made by a combination of different types of cells. These cells work together to perform a specific task.

All the above-mentioned topics are described in an interactive and efficient manner so that the students could easily understand them.

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