POLYNOMIALS || Exercise 2.4 & Factorization || CBSE 9 Maths || NCERT Chapter 2

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Video Timeline:
0:00:00 Start
1:19 Factorisation of polynomials
4:46 Splitting the middle term
6:41 Using the factor theorem
8:34 Exercise 2.4 (Q1)
19:58 Exercise 2.4 (Q2)
25:48 Exercise 2.4 (Q3)
30:29 Exercise 2.4 (Q4)
43:57 Exercise 2.4 (Q5)
1:06:46 Pandit Ji K Gyaan
1:11:44 Outro

POLYNOMIALS || Exercise 2.4 & Factorization || CBSE 9 Maths || NCERT Chapter 2
By Piyush Sharma Sir
Complete Detail Explanation In Simple Words. BEST EXPLANATION IN 1 SHOT BY BEST TEACHERS OF INDIA

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