Power of lens – Light (Chapter 11): CBSE Class 10 Science

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Power of lens – Light (Chapter 11): CBSE Class 10 Science

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Here we describe the topic as the power of lens from CBSE class 10 science.

What is the Power of Lens?
The degree of convergence or divergence of light rays achieved by a lens is expressed in terms of its power.

Power of lens is reciprocal of its focal length. Here Power in denoted by P.
The power P of a lens having focal length f is
Power (p) = 1/focal length (f)

SI unit of Power on the lens is Dioptre and it is denoted by D.

You may note that the power of a convex lens is positive and that of a concave lens is negative.
The shorter the focal length, the greater the power.

Let us say the lens prescribed has power equal to + 4.0 D.
This means the lens prescribed is convex.
The focal length of the lens is + 0.25 m.
A lens of power – 0.5 D has a focal length of – 2 m.
The lens is concave.

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