Pressure – Part 2 | Force and Pressure | CBSE Class 8 Science | Chapter 11

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Pressure – Part 2 | Force and Pressure | CBSE Class 8 Science | Chapter 11

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Here we discuss the topic as, pressure form chapter 11 force and pressure of CBSE class 8 science.

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First, we have to understand what is the force?

Force: A push or pull on an object is called force.

We often see person lifting box, hitting a rock, pulling door, pushing another man, shutting the door, opening book, kicking the football, picking an object, sitting on a chair, sleeping on the lane.

These all give some kind of push or pull in motion where force, as well as pressure, acts.


The force acting on per unit area of a surface is called pressure. We can say force per unit area is called pressure.

Pressure denoted by P.
P = Force / Area

From the above formula, we can say that with the same applied force, the pressure is indirectly proportional to the area, thus pressure decreases with an increase in area and increases with a decrease in area.

For example:

(1) When we put a nail into a wooden board, the pointed end of the nail is kept at the front. The pointed end of the nail has a very small surface area and this enables us to apply greater pressure with the applied force.

(2) When we cut an apple, we need to use the sharp edge of the knife instead of a blunt knife because the sharp edge of the knife has a small surface area and we need to exert less force with high pressure to cut the apple.

All the above-mentioned topics are described in an interactive and efficient manner so that the students could easily understand them.

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