Reproduction In Animal CBSE Class 8

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Reproduction In Animal: CBSE (NCERT) Class 8 (VIII) Science

This is the video of the ninth chapter (Chapter 9) of Class 8 Science – Reproduction in Animal

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Reproduction is one of the most essential processes found in living organisms which doesn’t impact the survival of an individual as such but ensures the survival of the species. A biological phenomenon that occurs in numerous ways in different animals has been explained with enough clarity so as to leave no room for any confusion and misconception.

The various topics that the full video for Reproduction in Animals covers are sexual reproduction, asexual reproduction, male reproductive organs, sperms, structure of human sperm, male gametes, testes, penis, female reproductive organs, ovaries, oviducts (fallopian tubes), uterus, ova(eggs), fertilization, zygote, internal fertilization, external fertilization, IVF, test tube babies, embryo, development of embryo, foetus, viviparous animals, oviparous animals, metamorphosis, budding, asexual reproduction in amoeba, binary fission and cloning.

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