Some Natural Phenomena | Chapter 15 | CBSE Class 8 Science

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Some Natural Phenomena | Chapter 15 | CBSE Class 8 Science

Hello students, here in this video we are going to study the interesting topic as some natural phenomena form class 8 science.

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Topics Covered in this video:

00:05 – Examples of Natural Phenomena
00:38 – Electric Charge
06:48 – Charging by Rubbing

In this video, we discuss natural phenomena: lightning and earthquakes, and the measures to be taken to minimize the destruction caused by these phenomena.


Lightning is an electric spark but on a huge scale. But before we understand the characteristics of lightning,
let us a look at a few important points about charge:

– There are two types of charge – positive and negative charge.
– Unlike charges attract each other while like charges repel each other.
– An object can be charged by rubbing it with another object. The electrical charges acquired by rubbing is known as a static charge.
– When charges move, they constitute an electric current.
– An electroscope is used to detect whether a body is charged or not.
– The transfer of charge from a charged object to the earth is known as earthing.
– When a body loses charge to the earth, it is said to be discharged.

Formation of Lightning
– The water droplets move downward and the air current upward, during the development of a thunderstorm.
– These movements result in the separation of charges. The negative charges are collected at the lower edges of the clouds while the positive charges near the upper edges.

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