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0:00 Introduction
0:38 Work,Energy & Power
2:49 Scalar Product
11:55 Definition of Work
13:22 Work:Examples
14:24 Work done =0:Examples
15:24 Positive and Negative Work
17:49 Work done:Force -Displacement graphs
20:01 Problem 1
24:01 Kinetic Energy
27:39 Work-Energy Theorem
28:12 Work done by a variable force
29:30 Potential Energy
35:59 Potential Energy: Relation Force & Work done
37:59 Conservative & Non-Conservative forces
38:59 Conservation of Mechanical energy
46:40 Plot of Fs Vs. Displacement
49:52 Work done in a spring
54:26 Conservation of Mechanical energy in a spring
57:54 Energy vs. Displacement plot for a spring
59:22 Problem 1
1:00:23 Problem 2
1:02:27 Forms of energy & Interconversions
1:04:14 Conservation of energy
1:04:41 Power
1:06:13 Average & Instantaneous Power
1:09:35 Power
1:10:25 Problem 1
1:12:59 Problem 2
1:16:07 What is collision
1:16:44 Momentum & Energy conservation in collision
1:17:24 Types of collision
1:20:10 Collision in 1 Dimension:Inelastic collision
1:24:18 Collision in 1 Dimension:Elastic collision
1:31:02 Elastic collision
1:32:08 Collision in 2 Dimension
1:36:49 Problem 1

In this video we will cover:
1. What is the work that must be done to stop a lorry of mass 4000kg moving at a velocity of 54km/hr in 2 seconds?
2. A body of mass 20 kg is moving with a constant velocity of 100m/s at a height 200m above the ground. Calculate its total energy.
3.A body of mass 200kg is projected vertically upwards with a velocity of 300m/s. Assuming that all its kinetic energy is converted into potential energy, Calculate the maximum height reached by it.
4.A crane with a 10kW engine lifts a load at a constant velocity of 60m/min. What is the mass of the load? Assume 100% efficiency for the crane’s engine.
5.A car of mass 3 * 103 kg travelling at 36 km/hr is brought to rest at a distance of 100m. Calculate the power required to do so.
6.A cart is moving over a horizontal surface at a velocity of 50 cm/sec. It is hit by another cart which is moving in the same direction at a velocity of 150cm/s. After collision the carts continue to move in the same direction at the same velocity of 100 cm/s. Find the ratio of the masses of the carts.
7.NCERT solutions class 11 physics Work,Power and Energy
8.NCERT notes class 11 physics Work,Power & Energy
9.Class 11 physics Work, Power & Energy

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